• Simpson Querrey
    Northwestern's new research center will provide space for scientists working in cancer, heart disease, neurodegenerative disorders and genetics.
  • http://www.northwestern.edu/fm/projects/current/construction/music-school.html
    The new Music & Communication building houses a choral rehearsal room and library, an opera rehearsal room/black box theater and a 400-seat recital hall.
  • Kresge Hall
    The current renovation of Kresge will expanded the east wing that connects Kresge Centennial Hall with Crowe Hall.
  • http://www.northwestern.edu/fm/projects/current/construction/new-kellogg-building.html
    New Kellogg state-of-the-art facility comes to Evanston campus.
  • http://www.northwestern.edu/fm/projects/current/construction/visitor-center.html
    Click to read the Chicago Tribune article about the Segal Visitors Center.


Lincoln Street resurfacing starts April 6
Lincoln Street from Sheridan Road east to Campus Drive will undergo major resurfacing starting Monday, April 6, 2015 through June 1, 2015. Traffic will be limited to one lane during construction. Read the City of Evanston bulletin here
Play on!
On Monday, March 30, 2015, the new Music Building will be open for business. Absolutely one of the brightest new jewels in NU's architectural crown, it's worth a gander, so stop by.
The walls come tumbling down
Phase 1 of the Kresge Hall renovation involves interior abatement and demolition, as well as relocation and separation of mechanical systems servicing both Kresge and Crowe Hall.
[Watch the video.]
Meet your new best friend
Visit FM's new Staff Resources webpage. With directory listings, shuttle schedules, training manuals, calendars and more, your job just became easier.
FMIT Help Desk
If your computer has "issues" and needs "help" give FMIT a call. One of our specially trained "analysts" will be glad to assist.
Call (847) 491-2744 or visit our webpage for lifesaving IT tips.
Kresge construction alters space availability
For your convenience, FMO has created a visual catalog of all Evanston Campus Registrar controlled classrooms. This allows users to take a look at spaces prior to making room reservations. We think this is not only convenient but also...classy. New "swing" spaces have been added in light of the Kresge rennovation project.
Click here to view Classroom Catalog.