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Undergraduate Education

The undergraduate educational experience is an integral component of Northwestern University’s mission. Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education Miriam Sherin leads Office efforts to develop and maintain connections between academic and student affairs and participates in university-wide committees that bridge the academic and co-curricular elements of the Northwestern experience.

Academic Experience

The Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education works in collaboration with representatives in all schools and multiple units of the university to incorporate Northwestern academic excellence in all aspects of the undergraduate experience. The Associate Provost facilitates improvement of undergraduate academics through participation in initiatives that span the entire University, such as the Assessment and Accreditation Council, which provided guidance and support for Northwestern’s successful 2015 reaccreditation and contributes to ongoing improvements in assessment measures across the university. He also provides leadership of the Undergraduate Council, which works to provide creative, pragmatic solutions to systemic, university-wide needs.
Through oversight of university centers and programs like the Searle Center for Advancing Learning and Teaching, the Center for the Writing Arts, Health Professions Advising, the International Office, and the Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education works to create opportunities to connect advances in undergraduate academics across disciplines and over the entire course of the student lifecycle. These collaborative efforts foster innovative practices in classroom teaching, unify student supports, and enable more robust assessment of student learning.

Residential Experience

Northwestern is proud to house eleven residential colleges where students can immerse themselves in living-and-learning communities according to their passions and interests. In addition to collaborating with the Vice President for Student Affairs, the Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education creates pathways for academic engagement in residence life through his contributions to the Undergraduate Residential Experience Committee and oversight of the Residential College Program. Through these efforts, the Associate Provost assists in further developing experiential learning opportunities, better understanding students’ needs and continuing enriching students’ experience through residence life.

Co-curricular Experience

It is important for all members of the Northwestern community to have access to tools and opportunities to help them be successful within the university and beyond. The Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education participates in the Transition Programs Plus Council and the Student Learning Outcomes Assessment group to create and solidify pathways that will connect undergraduate students to the resources they need to help them grow and flourish.