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Teaching and Learning

The Office of the Provost facilitates and coordinates efforts across the university to provide an optimal environment in which innovative practices in teaching, pedagogy, and student assessment of learning are encouraged to thrive. The Office is also deeply committed to integrating the University’s teaching mission throughout the Northwestern experience for faculty and students.

Assessment of Student Learning

We are committed to facilitating a University-wide effort focusing on the assessment of student learning at Northwestern. With advice from the University Assessment/Accreditation Council we inform, guide, and support the schools and units in student learning assessment efforts through the dissemination of various tools and resources and an annual Teaching, Learning, and Assessment Forum. Learn more.

Learning and Technology

The mission of the Learning and Technology ecosystem Advisory Committee (LTAC) is to support pedagogical innovation through enhancements to learning spaces and advancements in instructional practices through the use of learning analytics and related educational technologies that intersect broadly to support the learning experience. The committee makes recommendations regarding priorities for investment and experimentation while assessing the overall benefits and impact on the student learning experience. LTAC also features three subcommittees—the Learning Spaces Working Group, Digital Learning Working Group, and the Learning Management System and Learning Apps Working Group. Learn more.

Online and Blended Learning Initiatives

We are committed to helping to shape the landscape of blended and online learning in higher education. Learn more.

Teaching and Curricular Innovation

Northwestern University is committed to enhancing students’ learning by showcasing faculty excellence in teaching and supporting faculty experimentation with innovative curricular innovations. Learn more.

Undergraduate Education

We collaborate across the University to create connections that tie the academic mission of the University to all facets of the undergraduate student experience. Through such efforts we strive to foster innovative practices in classroom teaching, unify student supports, and enable more robust assessment of student learning. Learn more.

University Accreditation

The Higher Learning Commission recently continued Northwestern’s accreditation status in July 2015. The Office of the Provost provides oversight regarding Northwestern’s reaffirmation of accreditation process. Learn more.