External Vendors

Crystal light up lectern.  Book this through NTS for your next event.

Crystal light up lectern. Book this through NTS for your next event.

Norris Sourced Vendors

Norris can arrange rental of certain AV equipment and other production elements.  If Norris arranges these services, all pricing will be included in your regular bill, and will include a service fee.

Self Procured Vendors

Groups are welcome to bring in outside vendors for AV, and other production elements.

  • External vendors must have a certificate of insurance with the university. 
  • External vendors must provide power needs to Norris Event Planning, a minimum of 10 business days before their event.
    • For events needing multiple circuits, it may be possible to have NU Facilities Management drop additional power into the space.
    • The cost for this service is typically a minimum of $300
    • Norris will make the arrangements with Facilities, and any fees will be added to your final bill.
  • External Audio, Video, and Lighting vendors must bring in complete systems. 
    • Norris Technical Services does not allow outside AV equipment to plug into the house system. 
    • External vendors may not operate Norris-owned equipment.

Video Recording and Streaming

  • Norris does not provide video recording or live streaming as an in house service.
  • For Northwestern departments and organizations, we recommend NUamps, a department within NUIT.
  • If you choose to use an external vendor, Norris can provide a single audio feed from our system to the vendor's camera.

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