Campus Resources

LGBTQIA Student Groups

Rainbow Alliance

Rainbow Alliance seeks to create a safe space and encourage personal development for people of all genders and sexualities, perceived or other wise on campus. This student group seeks to promote awareness, understanding, and dialogue of issues surrounding gender and sexuality in the Northwestern community. Students work together to provide a supportive and social environment that creates a sense of community and fights homophobia. If you are interested in learning more about Rainbow Alliance, please visit their website.

Queer Pride Graduate Student Association (QPGSA)

The Queer Pride Graduate Student Association is an award-winning social and advocacy group for graduate students enrolled in The Graduate School of Northwestern University. Founded in 2005, their membership now includes over 100 graduate students. QPGSA is committed to develop a sense of community among the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, and allied members of Northwestern's graduate student community. If you are interested in learning more about QPGSA, visit their Facebook Page.


Pride@Kellogg is one of Kellogg's most active and visible student organizations, and has established Kellogg as the top business school for LGBT MBA students worldwide.
Pride@Kellogg has existed at Kellogg since 1992. Over its life, the organization has actively worked to improve the professional, academic and social lives of LGBT Kellogg students, their friends and allies. If you are interested in learning more about Pride@Kellogg, visit their website.

Counseling-HIV Testing-Domestic Violence

Center for Awareness, Response & Education (CARE)

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)

  • CAPS
  • 633 Emerson St. Evanston, IL 60208
  • (847) 491-2151
  • 24-hour crisis line: (847) 491-8100

Northwestern Health Service

Northwestern Health Service Offers health services and HIV/STI testing.

Coming Out Resources

Resources at Northwestern include:

LGBQ Coming Out Resources