Alice Millar

Alice Millar Head shot

Alice Millar was born on January 28, 1859, in Alnwick, England. Her love of music stimulated her to study piano in England, France and Germany. The photograph was taken as she appeared when she performed before Queen Victoria. After moving to the United States with her father, a Doctor of Medicine, Alice Millar met and Married to the Reverend Francis A. McGaw at McCormick Theological Seminary on September 20, 1888.

The Four children born into their family, Agatha, Lilia, Frances and Foster, were present for the Dedicatory Service.

Throughout the remainder of her life she supported her husband faithfully in his work as a minister of the Presbyterian Church.

Alice Millar McGaw died on May 21, 1910 in the Augustana hospital in Chicago. Her great devotion to her family and to her church serve as an inspiration to succeeding generations.

The impact of her selflessness and her great musical art so generously shared is still alive in the hearts of those who knew her.