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West Side Windows

Commerce Window


Rays of light going in various directions indicate the exchange of trade throughout the world. An anchor symbolizes commerce, while the hook of a crane lifting a truck symbolizes agriculture and industry. Graphic lines indicate the stock market curve. Look for mathematical computations, a balance, fish caught for commerce, wheat mowed for bread, a plane, a boat, a train, a truck and a man carrying a sack on his back. A busy ant recalls Proverbs 6:6, "Go to the ant, thou sluggard; consider her ways and be wise."

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A celebration of human exploration of the heavens. Surrounded by heavenly bodies, by stars, by satellites, by Telstar, and by rockets, is the sun. In the center an astronaut, supported by an angel, floats in space. Below, two magnets turning toward one another evoke the mystery of attraction. The lion symbolizes the courage of astronauts, the bull pays homage to the patience of scientists, the fish indicate the seeking of new life in space, and the scales suggest the equilibrium offered by the conquest of space.

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Space Window
Communication window


At the top of the window, a dove rests on the Bible, God's communication with humanity through the Spirit. God also gives us the senses, depicted in eyes, ears, mouth, and nose. Look for airplanes, radar, telephone, and television. An anemometer measures the direction and force of wind. The press is represented by a hand holding a pen, a camera, and a strip of film. At the bottom of the window, Noah in the ark evokes maritime communications.

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The State

At the top of the window is the Holy City, Jerusalem, the place where Judaism and Christianity took root. The eagle, holding thunderbolts of war and the olive branch of peace, symbolizes the state. Look for the ark of Noah and the cross (symbolizing Old and New Testaments). A hand holds a gavel and a piece of money, recalling Christ's words, "Render therefore unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's; and unto God the things that are God's" (Matthew 22:21).

At the bottom of the window is a family group, the basic unit of society. Over the family is an owl, symbol of wisdom and knowledge. Above this is the dome of the capitol, representing government. At the left the judicial power is represented by a sword and balances, and at the right an army is indicated by cannon and sword.

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The State window
The Races of Humanity window

The Races of Humanity

In the background is the great luminous shadow of the Good Shepherd. At the top, the Lamb is carrying a cross and ruling the world. In the center of the window, five hands, representing the races of humanity, are interlaced in an imploring appeal for harmony. They are surrounded by the star of the Nativity. The star represents the five continents and is a reminder that Christ is revealed to all nations.

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