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The Overview

Released on January 18, 2018, the report of the Undergraduate Residential Experience Committee recommends a framework  for a new residential experience that would ensure every Northwestern undergraduate has a meaningful, supportive and enriching experience while living on campus. The report is the result of a charge to a committee with broad representation of students, faculty and staff from across campus. Informed by input from the campus community, the report follows strategic initiatives including the Housing Master Plan and implementation of a two-year residency requirement for incoming students. In brief, the goal of the recommended framework is to build on community connections, helping students thrive in distinct and robust “Neighborhoods” in which they will have expanded options to build a personalized sense of home. More information is available here, including a shorter summary version of the report.

The Undergraduate Residential Experience Committee was asked to focus on broad structures of the residential experience. While the report contains many recommendations, it was not intended as a detailed blueprint. The framework continues to be shaped by listening to the entire University community. As plans for a single residential model are finalized, it is a priority to preserve the traditions that, for many, are synonymous with the residential experience. After the report was released, students, faculty, and staff were invited to respond to its recommendations at open forums and online during a ten-week community feedback period.

The release of the report, the feedback period, and plans for ongoing work are broad institutional initiatives under the direction of the Provost and Vice President for Student Affairs, with guidance from the Office of Change Management. To ensure that students’ voices are represented in the process, student leadership organizations have also been consulted. We hope that providing feedback on the proposed residential model will empower students to shape their own living experience as they follow unique Northwestern directions.


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