Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Our commitment is to:
Build a culture where difference is valued, together.

We strive to create a diverse workplace that values, supports, empowers, and augments the voices and abilities of our employees ... where everyone, from any background, can be themselves and do their best.

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Reporting Incidents of Sexual Misconduct and/or Gender Discrimination

Issues of sexual misconduct and/or gender discrimination, faculty members and administrators are mandated reporters and may need to share incidents with the Office of Equity and Title IX Administration. Find guidance for receiving confidential support for issues of sexual misconduct and/or gender discrimination on the Office of Civil Rights and Title IX Compliance website. 


Reporting Bias or Hate Incidents

Find information on reporting issues of bias or hate incidents that you observe on campus via Respect NU and the Bias Incident Response Team (BIRT) and learn how to submit and incident report online, by phone, or in-person on the Office of Student Affairs website.


Reporting Discrimination or Harassment

Find information on reporting issues of discrimination and harassment on Northwestern’s Office of Equity website or access their reporting system.