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Current Senators

The Faculty Senate consists of senators from each department or tenure-home unit, one non-tenure eligible senator from each of the schools, two representatives from the University Libraries, and one emeritus faculty from the Northwestern Emeriti Organization. 

current faculty senate members

Interested in becoming a senator?

To be eligible to serve, faculty must:

  • be full-time in tenure and non-tenure track positions;
  • non-tenure eligible faculty must have been employed by the University for at least a year.
Senators serve a three-year term with eligibility for a second. See the Faculty Senate Bylaws for further information. 

If you are interested in running for the Senate, please notify your department chair, the appropriate associate dean, or the relevant unit head depending on the categories listed above. You may also contact the Faculty Senate Office for more information.

Faculty Senate Leadership

The Faculty Senate is led by the elected Faculty Senate President, as well as the Immediate Past President and the President Elect (who also serves as Vice President). 

These three officers join the heads of each standing committee to make up the Faculty Senate's Executive Committee.

Current leadership