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Faculty Senate

Representative and elected body of the faculty

Resolutions, Motions & Initiatives

Approved during the 2020-2021 academic year

The Faculty Senate on March 10, 2021 endorsed a letter from the Organization of Women Faculty sent to the Provost asking central administration to consider how the global pandemic has affected faculty productivity.

The Faculty Senate approved the following resolution from Senator David Schoenbrun on March 10, 2021:

Whereas, given the seriousness of the recent allegations of racist and sexist practices regarding Northwestern’s Cheer Team and further allegations that the University did not sufficiently support the students,

Be it RESOLVED that the University, with input from the Faculty Senate, conduct a comprehensive, swift, and transparent review of the situation, and

Be it further RESOLVED that the University ensure an environment for the Cheer Team that is free from discrimination and harassment, that provides support for students, and that guarantees effective oversight of the program, and

To ensure that the faculty is informed, be it further RESOLVED that the Administration report to the Faculty Senate Executive Committee on a quarterly basis on the status of the situation and the actions taken.

The Faculty Senate approved the following resolution from the Executive Committee on February 10, 2021:
Whereas, the Northwestern University Statutes determine the structure of faculty governance, and

Whereas, the Faculty Assembly Bylaws must be in accordance with the University Statutes,

Be it resolved, that the Faculty Senate requests the Board of Trustees amend the University Statutes to reflect the following language derived from the current Faculty Assembly Bylaws:

Article VI

“These bylaws may be amended at any meeting of the Faculty Assembly by two-thirds vote providing that at least 10% of the faculty is present and that notice of any proposed amendment has been sent to the membership at least one week in advance of the meeting. If 10% of the faculty is not present, the proposed amendment is sent to the Faculty Senate which is the elected representative body of the faculty as a whole. The bylaws will be considered amended if two thirds of the full membership of the Faculty Senate votes its approval.”

The Faculty Senate approved the following changes to the Faculty Senate Bylaws on February 10, 2021:
Article II, Section 1

Each department  or other tenure-home unit of the University shall elect one of its members to the Faculty Senate from among those department/unit members who are members of the Faculty Assembly. In addition, the non-tenure-eligible faculty of each school or college shall elect one non-tenure-eligible member who is a member of the Faculty Assembly as its representative, and the Northwestern Emeriti Organization shall elect one of its members as its representative. The University Libraries shall elect two librarian faculty to represent all departments and faculty that report to the Dean of Libraries. Tenured and tenure-track faculty are eligible for election immediately upon their University appointment. Non-tenure-eligible faculty who are members of the Faculty Assembly are eligible for election after one year.

The Faculty Senate approved changes to the Faculty Handbook on November 18, 2020. 




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