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Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is the senior governing body of the Faculty Senate composed of the Senate leadership (President, Past President, and President Elect) and standing committee chairs.

Meet the Committee

Committee Chair

Regan Thomson, President, 

Committee Members

  • Cat Fabian, NTE Committee Chair
  • Therese McGuire, Budget & Planning Committee 
  • Joe Ferrie, Salary & Benefits Committee Chair
  • Jill Wilson, President-Elect
  • Tom Hope, Research Affairs Committee Chair
  • Rebecca Zorach, Social Responsibility Committee Chair
  • Kalyani Chadha, Faculty Handbook Committee Chair
  • Angela Lee, Secure Faculty Survey Committee Chair
  • Ceci Rodgers, Past President 
  • Mark Witte, Governance Committee Chair
  • Ana Aparicio, Faculty Rights & Responsibilities Committee Chair
  • Jacqueline Babb, Educational Affairs Committee Chair
  • Steve Jacobsen, Committee on Cause Chair
  • Ana Maria Acosta, Student Affairs Committee Chair