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Breakthrough Prizes

The Breakthrough Prizes honor important, primarily recent, achievements in the categories of Fundamental Physics, Life Sciences and Mathematics. The prizes are founded by Sergey Brin, Priscilla Chan and Mark Zuckerberg, Pony Ma, Yuri and Julia Milner, and Anne Wojcicki. Committees of previous laureates choose the winners from candidates nominated in a process that’s online and open to the public.Laureates receive $3 million each in prize money. They attend a televised award ceremony designed to celebrate their achievements and inspire the next generation of scientists. As part of the ceremony schedule, they also engage in a program of lectures and discussions.

The New Horizons in Mathematics Prize is awarded to early-career researchers who have already produced important work.

New Horizons in Mathematics Prize

Emmy Murphy

Emmy Murphy (2019)

Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences

Math professor Emmy Murphy’s work explores a field of math known as topology, the study of geometric properties and relationships. In geometric topology there are spaces referred to as “manifolds,” which act as physical spaces that are extremely fluid, meaning objects can expand, distort, stretch and shrink. Geometric space in this context is the notion of “geometry” imposed upon a manifold.

Aaron Naber

Aaron Naber (2017)

Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences

Aaron Naber's current research interests focus on the study of geometrically motivated equations and their applications. This includes work in the areas of Ricci curvature, nonlinear harmonic maps, yang-mills, minimal varifolds, sectional curvature, ricci solitons, mean curvature flow, Ricci flow, and general elliptic equations. He is the Kenneth F. Burgess Professor of Mathematics.