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Disbursement of Loan Funds

All loan proceeds (federal and private) are disbursed directly to your Northwestern University Customer Account (CAESAR > My Account > View My Real-Time Account). Because student registration is completed on a quarterly basis, tuition is also billed quarterly and your loan funds are disbursed just prior to the start of each quarter (assuming you are registered appropriately and have completed all loan requirements).


If you borrowed loan funds in excess of the total charges on your Northwestern University Customer Account, the surplus credit can be accessed for your other expenses. You can request a refund of the credit balance via CAESAR on the first day of each quarter.

IMPORTANT: Interest accrues from the date the loan funds are disbursed to your Northwestern University Customer Account whether or not a refund is requested. If you do not need the surplus loan funds for your living expenses, etc., please contact our office to request a loan reduction.

Balance due

If the amount you borrowed in student loan funds is less than the total charges on your Northwestern University Customer Account, you will be responsible for the balance due. For additional information regarding tuition billing and payment options, see the Payment Methods page on the Student Finance website.