Crisis Intervention

CAPS staff are available to students who are in crisis on a same-day basis.

To Access Crisis Intervention

  • Call us at 847-491-2151 to arrange a crisis appointment or walk over and tell the receptionist that you need to see the Crisis Counselor.
  • A crisis counselor is available in person during regular business hours
    • Monday-Friday 8:30AM-5PM on the Evanston campus.
  • A counselor can be made available on the Chicago campus with advance notice.
  • Please be advised that if you do not call ahead, you may have a short wait for the Crisis Counselor if s/he is meeting with another student.

After-Hours Emergencies

  • In an after-hours emergency, please call 847-491-2151 and press “0” at the prompt. You will be connected to the CAPS emergency resource.

Faculty & Staff

  • Faculty, staff, and administrators may consult with CAPS staff about difficult situations involving students. Call 847-491-2151 and ask for the counselor on-call.

Parents & Families

  • Parents are also welcome to consult with CAPS staff about their student if they have concerns. CAPS is required by law to keep counseling and relationships with clients confidential, but we can consult about how to approach various problems and concerns with your student and help you connect her/him to resources.

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