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Order Tickets for 2019 Commencement by May 17th

Go to the Commencement tickets web site and log-in with the following promotion code:

How to Order Tickets for Your School Convocation

Schools that Require Tickets ordered by the Commencement Ticketing Site
Students in these schools should order tickets for Commencement and their schools Convocation in the same transaction by selecting “Continue shopping in this promo.” Students will only be able to complete their order once using the Commencement Ticketing website.
Schools that will NOT be using the Commencement Ticketing Site

Please contact the Athletics Department about issues or changes with ticket orders for Commencement and schools using the Commencement Ticketing Site at or 847-491-2287 or 888-GO-PURPLE (467-8775). Students and guests may also contact the Commencement Office with questions regarding tickets.

Accessibility Needs

For Commencement and schools using the Commencement Ticketing website, once the tickets are reserved, students may be asked to create a profile for their account if they do not already have one in the system. A ticket order confirmation will be sent to the email address indicated in the profile. Tickets for Commencement and for school convocations will be emailed to students separately in June using the same address.