Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals

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Career Information

Biotechnology Industry

Biotechnology, at its simplest, is technology based on biology. Biotech firms use microorganisms and proteins to create vaccines and medications to cure rare illnesses, diseases, and testing procedures. The biotechnology field is very heavy in research and development, and can focus on treating organisms outside of people, like plant, animal, etc.

Pharmaceutical Industry

The pharmaceutical industry creates, develops, and manufactures brand and generic medications for the world. These medications are created mostly by chemical base synthesis that allows some medications to be created generically. The pharmaceutical industry mostly focuses on the manufacturing process of the drugs rather that the research and development.

The pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies must adhere to many laws and regulations to provide safety to their consumers. With this, there is a variety of opportunity within these organizations. Typical departments include:

Business Development Legal Affairs
Clinical Research Manufacturing and Supply Chain
Commercial Strategy Marketing and Sales
Corporate Communications Project Management
Engineering Quality
Finance and Administration Regulatory Affairs
Human Resources Research and Development
Information Services andTechnology strategic planning

Opportunities in the pharma/biotech industry exist at every career level. Scientists who have graduate degrees are in demand, but so are workers with science-related bachelor’s and associate’s degrees. Workers with no scientific background may find jobs in administration, finance, law, marketing, and other areas.