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Our Impact & Story

Mission of Campus Life

Campus Life facilitates transformative experiences with students to explore their potential, engage in community, and contribute toward a more just and equitable world.

Contact Us

We welcome students, staff and faculty to come visit us in the SOURCE in Norris on the 3rd floor. It is a great space for meeting, collaborating and learning more about what Campus Life has to offer. Come by anytime!

Campus Life Learning Outcomes

  • Students who engage in programs, activities and services provided by Campus Life will [or will be able to]...
    • Identify personal interests, values, strengths, and identities and use these attributes to positively shape their communities at Northwestern and beyond. (Personal Development, Interpersonal Competence, Social Responsibility, Cognitive and Practical Skills)
    • Hone leadership and relationship-building skills and apply them to strengthen their organizations and communities at Northwestern and beyond. (Interpersonal Competence)
    • Articulate how their co-curricular involvement integrates with their personal and professional goals. (Personal Development, Social Responsibility)