Other Drug Frequently Asked Questions

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Is substance use common at NU?

The most common drug among undergraduates is alcohol. The prevalence of marijuana and other drugs is far less. Most students who use substances other than alcohol report infrequent use. 

What can you do if you realize you have been given date rape drugs?
If you are ever concerned about having been slipped any substance unknowingly, contact 911 for medical assistance. If you are with trusted friends, have them assist you in the moment. If this is something you believe to have occurred after the fact, you have options and resources on campus to support you in the next steps you choose to take. For more information on available resources visit CARE.
Why don’t you find it important to address the smaller percentage of students who do other drugs? Are their concerns less important?
Alcohol remains the most commonly used substance among college students followed by cannabis. Misused prescription stimulants round out the top three. Substances like cocaine, ecstasy, and hallucinogens are used in extremely low quantities overall, but tend to be used in higher amounts within smaller subsets.
Do date rape drugs “happen” or does someone do it?
Unwanted substances have to be placed by someone inside another person’s drink, food, or other products that are ingested. These substances do not just “happen.”
Is adderall included in the prescription stimulants category?Is that drug misused on this campus?
Adderall is classified as a stimulant. As a commonly prescribed substance to treat medical conditions, it is present on our campus and has the potential for misuse. Among first-year students, 99% report never misusing prescription stimulants. Among our entire undergraduate population, about 5% of students report having misused a prescription stimulant in the past year.
How can I dispose of my prescription medication safely?

The easiest way is to visit the Pharmacy in Health Service - Evanston (633 Emerson Street) and ask for a self-service mailer. This is a free service for all Northwestern students.

Additionally, you can visit any of the following state-approved drop-off sites right here in Evanston:

City of Evanston Civic Center
2100 Ridge Avenue

Evanston Police Department
1454 Elmwood Avenue

St. Francis Hospital Pharmacy
800 Austin