Exam Proctoring Details

Test proctoring is one of the most popular services provided by the AccessibleNU Center. We provide this service to ensure that students receive the testing accommodations they are entitled to in as organized and stress-free a fashion as possible. Test proctoring is only available to Northwestern students who are registered with AccessibleNU. AccessibleNU does not proctor other university's tests. Keep in mind that we are only a 4-person center with 13 proctoring seats available in the immediate office area. Therefore, in order to help us make test proctoring run smoothly, please follow our procedures below.

Preparing to take your exam at the AccessibleNU Center

  • If you want to double-check that your exam has been scheduled, log onto Accessible NU's database and check that your request is listed under "Alternative Testing" to ensure that all arrangements have been made for AccessibleNU to proctor your exam. (You may also check back 1-2 days before your exam to ensure your request has been approved.)

  • Cell phones or related items such as tablets are not allowed in the testing room. You may also be asked to remove your jacket, sweatshirt, sweater, and/or hat and to turn out your pockets. We now have lockers where you can put your personal items although it's better if you leave them at home. (If you do bring your phone, you will be required to leave it outside of the testing room and are asked to turn alerts off.)

  • Please treat your test appointment with the AccessibleNU Center as you would an exam in the classroom.This means you should:

  1. Respond immediately to any emails pertaining to your exam from AccessibleNU or your professor.

  2. Be on time for your exam. (Other students may be scheduled for your seat right after you are scheduled to be done.) Therefore, consider travel time when you schedule your exam. Your time for the exam starts at the time scheduled, not when you show up! If space is available, you may be permitted to start up to 10 minutes early; however, if you are late, the time you are late will be deducted from your originally allotted test time.

  3. Notify us immediately if you intend not to show up for your exam. Similarly, notify us as soon as you drop a class for which you have scheduled a test, procured a note-taker, or requested other services.

Why does AccessibleNU require a week's notice?

We require one week because:

  • We need to arrange space for proctoring, which may mean reserving additional rooms and proctors.

  • Some exams require AccessibleNU to load special software, arrange for a computer, print out color slides, etc.

  • Students sometimes realize after their original request that they need to take the exam at a different time from the rest of the class, which necessitates additional communication with the professor and reevaluation to determine if we have sufficient proctoring space.

  • We need ample time to be in communication with the professor to obtain the exam and any special instructions pertaining to it.

Other university's exams

AccessibleNU does not proctor other university's exams. If you are in the Evanston area and need an exam from another university proctored, the University of Illinois at Chicago offers this service at a charge.