Accessibility Audits

When fully staffed, AccessibleNU and Student Affairs IT (SAIT) can offer to the wider Northwestern community what we call "accessibility audits." These are informal in nature and at the request of the individual department. The goal of these audits is to disseminate some of the core concepts of accessibility and to help you, your development team, or the vendor fix any potential issues in order to be compliant with WCAG (web content accessibility guidelines developed by the World Wide Web Consortium, or W3C).

Ongoing Accessibility Audit Partners

Previous requests for accessibility audits have come through the following areas:

  • Division of Students Affairs

  • Student Enterprise System (CAESAR)

  • WebComm

  • NUIT TSS Communications

  • NUIT Academic and Research Technologies

  • VidyoDesktop (external vendor) for Internet 2 Net+ Consortial Effort

General Accessibility Audit Process

  1. Identify a few of your most important web pages or technologies on which you would like accessibility input.

  2. Describe any initial steps you've made to verify that the technologies in question are accessible.

  3. Contact Student Affairs help to request an accessibility audit through SAIT and AccessibleNU. We will meet with you to review your site/technology and share insights and recommendations. 

  4. Once you have incorporated this initial feedback, AccessibleNU and SAIT may ask students with disabilities who themselves use adaptive technology to test with your revised site.

    • Most who have gone through this process report student feedback to be the most beneficial demonstration of the actual usability of their sites.

If you are interested in more information or would like to schedule a visit from an AccessibleNU representative, please email To request an internal accessibility audit through AccessibleNU and SAIT for particular web pages or web apps, please email