Evanston AccessibleNU Center

primary entrance for 2122 Sheridan-AccessibleNu offices

This is the primary entrance for 2122 Sheridan with an accessible ramp.

Contact Us

Students with disabilities or other conditions requiring accommodation who take the  majority of their classes in Evanston (who frequently fall into one of the groups below) are encouraged to contact and register with AccessibleNU-Evanston:

  • Undergraduate students

  • TGS students whose programs are located in Evanston

  • Other graduate students whose programs are housed in Evanston

  • Kellogg (full-time and executive MBA programs)

  • School of Professional Studies who take the majority of their classes in Evanston

All students should consider the office location where they registered as their home office although both campuses' AccessibleNU branches collaborate closely to ensure uniform services. AccessibleNU-Evanston students are welcome to work with AccessibleNU-Chicago regarding classes on the Chicago campus and vice versa.

Evanston Staff

If you email AccessibleNU, one of us will respond to you, typically within one business day.