Card Care and Replacement

Caring for Your Card

To protect your card, treat it with the care as you would a driver's license or credit card:

  • Magnetic fields can demagnetize and invalidate your card. Keep it in the protective envelope provided and away from TVs, stereo equipment, microwaves, and other magnetic devices.
  • Do not punch holes in, staple, or bend your card.

In addition to the magnetic stripe, your card will display your photograph, name, and other information. Learn about the "anatomy" of your WildCARD.

Your card is the property of Northwestern University and must be surrendered upon University request or your separation from Northwestern. Your card is for your use only and is not transferable under any circumstances.

Replacing Lost, Stolen, or Damaged Cards

If your card is lost or stolen you must notify the WildCARD Office (Evanston: 847-467-3135 | Chicago: 312-503-0548) immediately.

  • If your WildCARD has been activated to act as your U.S. Bank ATM/debit card, notify U.S. Bank immediatly at 800-US-BANKS (872-2657).
  • If your card has been lost or stolen, you will be charged a $15 replacement fee for a new card ($25 for Indala contactless smartcard).
  • If your card has been demagnitized, it must be re-encoded in the WildCARD Office. If it has been damaged, it must be turned into the WildCARD Office (in order to avoid a $15 replacement fee).
  • Emeritus Faculty: If you have questions or need to replace your WildCARD, please contact Art Monge in the WildCARD Office at or 847-467-3135.