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Body-Worn Cameras

Northwestern Police began exploring the use of body-worn cameras in April 2016 and has since been working in collaboration with key stakeholders across the University to ensure a thoughtful approach.

In June 2017, we will begin a pilot phase in which five Northwestern police officers will wear the cameras for a 30-day trial period. The feedback provided from both the officers and our community members will inform how we proceed with full implementation in the fall.

This page is designed as a resource for information about the Northwestern Police Department body-worn camera initiative, providing you with resources such as a timeline of key events, links to the department policy, and answers to frequently asked questions

We greatly value your feedback on this and all Department of Safety and Security initiatives. If you have questions, comments, or would like additional information email University Police to submit your question or comment. You can also email Assistant Vice President and Deputy Chief of Police Gloria Graham at


Date Activity Notes
April 2016 Research Began
  • Northwestern Police Department began researching the feasibility and practicality of using body-worn cameras
August 2016 Grant Application Submitted
  • A grant co-written by the Northwestern and Evanston Police Departments was submitted to the Department of Justice (DOJ), Bureau of Justice Assistance
October 2016 Grant Awarded
  • DOJ notified Northwestern and Evanston Police Departments of grant award for the implementation of body-worn cameras
October 10, 2016 Fall Safety Message
  • Fall Safety Message to University community announced intent to implement body-worn cameras
October 12, 2016 Daily Northwestern
  • Article titled “University Police to begin using body-worn cameras”
March 2017 Stakeholder Group Established
  • 29 representatives from Office of the Provost, Student Affairs, Police Advisory Committee, Human Resources, Neighborhood & Community Relations, Office of General Counsel, Evanston Police
April 6, 2017 Email from Bruce Lewis
  • Spring Safety Message again announced initiative to acquire body-worn cameras
  • Announced they would be in use by August 2017
June 6, 2017 Email from Bruce Lewis
  • Email to University Community reviewing the history of the initiative, noting the launch of the test phase, and linking to the website for additional information
June 6, 2017 University Police Website
  • Populate with project timeline, FAQs, full policy
  • Contact info for questions/feedback; link to department feedback page
  • Space for ongoing updates
June 2017 NPD
  • BWC trial begins with five officers
August 17, 2017 Email from Bruce Lewis
  • Update on testing phase
  • Reminder of website
  • Plans to move forward with implementation
View the Body-Worn Camera policy.