Other Special Permits

Official Business

Issued upon approval of written request from a department head to full time Northwestern University service personnel. This hanging placard is in addition to a regular annual main campus permit only, and allows temporary parking in normally "No Parking" areas, provided that loading docks, drives, fire lanes and reserved spaces are not blocked or obstructed by the vehicle.

Reserved Spaces

Issued upon approval of written request by the Parking Committee. These spaces are reserved seven days a week, 24 hours a day. The holder of a reserved space does not have the right to allow any other vehicle to park in the space. Only one vehicle in a reserved space account may park on campus at a time. There is a premium assessed on all individual and departmental reserved spaces.

Temporary Permits

Issued at the daily or monthly rate for short-term parking. The expiration date, month and year must be indicated. These permits may be issued at no cost to permit holders in emergencies. Authorized University vendors and service personnel may purchase daily, monthly, or quarterly permits.  Non-refundable.