NUPD: Compliments, Complaints and Comments

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Members of the Northwestern University Police Department are committed to providing high quality police and public safety services to our community. Appreciative and constructive comments help us improve our services.

A compliment or complaint can be made at any time in person (1201 Davis Street, Evanston, IL 60208), by telephone (847.491.3456), by mail, or by submitting the electronic form provided below. Any on-duty University Police supervisor can accept your comments, which will be forwarded to the Associate Vice President of the Department of Safety and Security/Chief of Police for review.

In the case of formal complaints received by University Police, a supervisor will contact you as soon as possible to discuss the issue and the investigation process.

Alternative Compliment / Complaint Reporting Methods

EthicsPoint provides an alternative reporting option. Northwestern has selected EthicsPoint to provide anyone with a simple way to report activities that may involve misconduct or violations of University policy. You may file a report here or by dialing 866-294-3545. This service is not a substitute for, nor does it supersede, any existing reporting methods or protocols already in place at Northwestern for reporting suspected problems or complaints. Instead, the EthicsPoint system provides an additional means of reporting such issues.

The Student Affairs Maxient system is also available to submit a compliment or complaint. You may file a report here.

Reporter's Information

Although a person submitting a report is not required to provide any personal information, we HIGHLY recommend that you provide, at a minimum, an email address where you could be contacted. This is especially important if there are follow up questions or responses that may be important or necessary.

If a reporter fails to provide any identifying or contact information, it may limit our ability to look into or fully respond to a situation.

(must be formatted MM/DD/YYYY)


Involved Parties

Please enter the names of the officer(s) about whom you wish to make this report. It is also helpful to identify any supervising officers with whom you may have spoken or had contact, and also to provide contact information for any witnesses who may have additional information about the situation.

If you do not know the name of the officer(s) with whom you had contact, please provide a description of each officer (as specific as possible) in the section below where you describe the incident.

Additional Information

* Please provide your statement regarding your contact with the University Police.

* Was the officer in question in uniform?

If you know the NUPD Case Number for the situation, please provide it here.

For situations involving complaints: If mediation were available as a method to help resolve/address the complaint, would you be willing to participate in a mediation process?

* By submitting this form, you are certifying that the information provided is true and correct to the best of your knowledge and belief. Do you agree?

Supoorting Documentation

Please e-mail all photos, video, email, and other supporting documents to the following e-mail address:

Select Copy Recipients

Once submitted, this report will be sent directly to the Associate Vice President for Public Safety/Chief of Police. If you would also like your report to be sent to one of the other offices listed here, simply click the button next to the office's name.

(the Chief of Police reports to this official)

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