Student Records

Student Conduct & Disciplinary Records

The Office of Student Conduct & Conflict Resolution maintains all student disciplinary records pertaining to non-academic conduct matters. For more information about the retention and reporting of student disciplinary records, please see the link to the left.

Although having a conduct record can impact a student's eligibility for various campus positions and programs and an alum's application for grad school, employment, and professional licensing, in the vast majority of cases the effects of a conduct or disciplinary record will not be detrimental.

Dean Certifications & Background Checks

Some graduate & professional schools, employers (particularly the federal government), and state licensing agencies (particularly those administering the bar examination) require applicants to submit a “Dean’s Certification” form or otherwise complete a background check that provides information on academic and disciplinary issues that students may have encountered while at Northwestern.

The Office of Student Conduct & Conflict Resolution (formerly Judicial Affairs) manages the Dean Certification and background check process for students, graduates, and alumni of Northwestern. See the link to the left for more information about this process.

Consent to Release Conduct Records

In addition to our other processes, students may sign a consent form authorizing the University to release or discuss the details of a student's conduct record or disciplinary incident. In the absence of a signed release, University policy generally directs us not to disclose or discuss specific details regarding a student's conduct or disciplinary incident with anyone outside the University - including parents - except in limited circumstances.

To the left, we have links to both a general consent form that students can use to authorize the release of information about a conduct or disciplinary matter, as well as several specific releases that are typically used for parents and dean certifications/background checks.

Consent Forms for Release of Information