Dean Certifications & Disciplinary Records

Students and alumni of the university may request a Dean’s Certification or other Disciplinary Record Check by following the process outlined below. Our Office will then communicate with the student’s academic college to ensure we relay an accurate picture of the student’s overall academic integrity and disciplinary history. Unless otherwise required by law, only only incidents that result in suspension or exclusion are reported to external third parties,like graduate schools, employers, or licensing agencies.

A copy of the Retention & Reporting of Disciplinary Records policy is also sent with each Dean's Certification form or Disciplinary Record/Background Check.

For more information regarding each academic schools’ disclosures to third parties, contact the Dean's Office at each school.

Instructions for Dean's Certifications/Disciplinary Record Checks

In order for us to process a Dean's Certification or Disciplinary Record Check, please follow the following instructions:
  1. Drop off, mail, fax, or (scane &) e-mail your Dean’s Certification form(s) to us.  Be sure to sign and date them appropriately.

    Office of Student Conduct & Conflict Resolution
    Northwestern University
    Scott Hall, Room 35
    601 University Place
    Evanston, IL 60208

    Fax: 847-467-2523 (Attn: Student Conduct)

  2. If your form does not explicitly authorize Northwestern University to release information, then you will need to also complete and sign this Consent Form for Release of Information for Dean Certifications, Applications, and Background Checks (.pdf format) (be sure to list each school/institution for which we need to complete a Dean Certification or Background Check).
  3. Your current contact information (address, phone, & e-mail) in case we need to contact you.
  4. A stamped, pre-addressed envelope for each Dean’s Certification/Background Check you would like completed and mailed.

If you have questions about filling out the form or with the process, feel free to call 847-491-4582 for more information. If the Consent Form above does not appear to be appropriate for your situation, you may also complete a generic Consent for Release of Personal Information/Education Records form, available from the Registrar's webpage.

Please note: Although every effort is made for a quick turn-around on these forms, completion of Dean’s Certification may take up to 5-7 working days to complete, so please plan accordingly.

Consent Forms for Release of Information