Dillo Day: Tips for Safety & Success

DilloDay-IntoxPlay Smart, Be Smart

Dillo Day is fast approaching. Although it's a fun and festive occasion for Northwestern students and their guests, every year there are individuals who overdo it and go overboard - such as individuals who drink too much or who create disturbances and headaches for others. It is very important that, even as students enjoy themselves on Dillo Day, they continue to be responsible for their own conduct and respectful of others.

Dillo Day: Safety Tips

  1. If you choose to drink, drink safely and in moderation.
    • Know your limit, eat before you start to drink, count your drinks, space them out, avoid shots & liquor, don't participate in drinking games, alternate between alcohol and water/soda, etc.
    • Call 911 if someone displays signs of alcohol poisoning, and remember to stay with the person needing assistance and cooperating with emergency and university officials:
      • loss of consciousness (or inability to stay conscious);
      • vomiting;
      • becoming incoherent or confused;
      • seizures;
      • slow or irregular breathing;
      • pale, clammy or blue-tinged skin;
      • low body temperature
  2. Come to the Lakefill and stay to enjoy all the entertainment. The Lakefill is the safest place to be (and the most fun, too).
  3. Be sure to drink plenty of water and eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  4. Dillo Day is for relaxation & fun; don't allow friends to get aggressive or violent.
  5. Don't litter; recycle or use trash receptacles (and please don't urinate or vomit in public or on our neighbors' yards).
  6. Stay with friends & use the buddy system; don't wander off alone.
  7. Use public transportation (shuttles & SafeRide); don't wander the neighborhoods (and keep the noise down as you travel).
  8. Take care of yourself, take care of your friends, and take care of NU; help assure Dillo Day's future.


Advice about Off-Campus Conduct on Dillo Day

Over the past few years, there have been increasing concerns about the conduct and behavior of Northwestern students (and their guests) in the off-campus neighborhoods surrounding the University. Here are some things to keep in mind if you live off-campus or plan to visit off-campus neighborhoods on Dillo Day:

  1. Dillo Day is not an excuse for inappropriate or disruptive conduct. The same laws, ordinances, and responsibilities remain in effect, and students are expected - as always - to model good character and citizenship.
    • Students are expected to comply with laws and regulations prohibiting excessive noise, disorderly conduct, underage drinking, open containers of alcohol, urinating in public, fake IDs, etc.
    • NUPD and Evanston police will be patrolling heavily in the surrounding neighborhoods and will likely show low tolerance for inappropriate conduct.
    • Students are subject to arrest, receiving citations (alcohol-related violations carry a $500 fine), and University disciplinary actions
    • Download this Brochure (.pdf format) that outlines the expectations of neighbors and Evanston's regulations governing off-campus conduct.
  2. Parties & Noise:
    • Plan ahead: Inform neighbors of your plans (including starting and ending times), make sure they have a way to contact you in case things start to get loud, make (and stick to) a management guest list; ask guests to be mindful when coming and leaving.
    • Monitor your event: Manage the door, keep track of the noise level, have plenty of food & non-alcohol drinks available, call the police for help if things get out of control
    • Download this Plan for Peaceful Neighborhood Living (.pdf format) to help plan and manage risks and possible disruptions of events and social gatherings
  3. Visiting the Neighborhood:
    • Please keep the noise down - especially after dark. (And please, no shouting, singing, changing, or screaming.) Sound really carries in the neighborhood, and it doesn't take much to disrupt or wake up our neighbors.
    • Refrain from urinating or vomiting on a neighbor's yard. They're just about the most disrespectful thing someone can do.
    • Open containers of alcohol are prohibited on public property (sidewalks, streets, parks, etc.). This includes cups, cans, bottles, etc. (Open container citations carry a $500 fine.)
  4. Trash:
    • Don't litter. Please keep the neighborhood looking nice.
    • Recycle wherever possible.
  5. Guests & Visitors:
    • Keep in mind that students are responsible for their guests and visitors; if they get into trouble, you could get into trouble. Make sure they know the local "rules of the road"
    • Remember the Responsible Action Protocol (RAP). If a friend gets too drunk or high: (1) call 911, (2) stay with your friend, and (3) cooperate with emergency and university officials. Result: your friend gets help, and you won't get into trouble.

DilloDayRow2Additional Guidance

Additional resources for students living or visiting the off-campus neighborhoods on Dillo Day (or anytime):

Dillo Day Safety Posters (2010)

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Blood Alcohol Level

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Eating More

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On or Off Campus

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Disciplinary Record

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Visit the Lakefill

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Sexual Assault

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Dillo Day Safety Posters (2009)

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