Student Conduct: Rules and Procedures

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Northwestern University Motto
Philippians 4:8

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Student Conduct at Northwestern

Remaining a member of the Northwestern community requires a student to continuously comply with rules and regulations governing students' academic progress, social interactions, and personal behavior. As stated in one University policy: "Student status at Northwestern is a privilege earned by meeting standards of academic performance and adherence to regulations governing conduct."

The most concise outline of student expectations is found in Northwestern's Student Code of Conduct. The Code also contains brief descriptions of the processes and procedures the University uses to address and resolve alleged incidents of misconduct, as well as possible sanctions or outcomes that may be imposed in the such cases.

The most comprehensive outline of rules, regulations, and policies pertaining to students is found in the Student Handbook. The Student Handbook contains policies concerning academic conduct, the Student Code of Conduct, residence hall rules, and other policies pertaining to student life, including: athletics facilities, alcohol & drugs, computer & network resources, discrimination & harassment, privacy of student records, sexual assault, sexual harassment, and study abroad. In addition to the Student Handbook, students are expected to comply with Other University Policies, including State and Local Laws.

Northwestern also has several formal conduct procedures: the University Hearing and Appeals System (UHAS), the Sexual Assault Hearing and Appeals System (SAHAS), and the Summary Suspension Procedure. More information about these policies and procedures can also be found by following the links on this page.

Finally, all members of the Northwestern community are expected to honor and abide by the rights and responsibilities of the University community.