NetID Automation

What is NetID Automation?

NetID Automation allows newly hired faculty and staff the ability to activate their NetIDs from their own computer, up to 90 days before their Northwestern University official hire date, as long as the hiring department has submitted a complete Position Data/Appointment Form to the Payroll Office.  This early NetID activation allows new hires access to important University services, including email and Blackboard, before arriving on campus.

How are NetIDs created for new employees?

When a department submits a Position Data/Appointment Form that hires a new faculty, staff, or temporary employee, a NetID is generated automatically within 24 hours.  The individual set as the department’s “NetID Coordinator” is notified via email and is responsible for forwarding NetID activation instructions to the new employee.  For more information regarding NetIDs, see:

Who is the NetID Coordinator?

By default, the Department Manager is assigned as the NetID Coordinator for his/her department.  However, any FASIS Lookup user is able to change the NetID Coordinator for their respective departments using the NetID Coordinator page in FASIS.  Instructions for changing the NetID coordinator can be found in the FASIS Lookup User’s Manual PDF Document.

Need help?

For questions related to a NetID or password, contact the NUIT Support Center at:
847-491-HELP (4357) or

For questions regarding the NetID Coordinator page in FASIS, contact the FASIS Help Desk at:
847-467-4800 or