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  • When you receive an accommodation email, please complete the alternative testing contract.
  • Consider implementing universal design for learning (UDL) in your classes to proactively address all learners' needs. Sign up for the Searle Center UDL Workshop on October 21 from 1-2:30.

Know your rights and responsibilities and the rights and responsibilities of your students with disabilities.

Proctoring exams is SSD's most popular service with faculty. Learn more about the procedures involved in facilitating testing accommodations.

SSD works in partnership with faculty in arranging note-takers, providing text in accessible format and facilitating non-test accommodations. Our electronic note-taker ad is available in this area.

Details about accessible labs, field trips, meeting places, and other accessibility considerations are important to keep in mind when working with students with mobility impairments.

The instructional strategies provided for a number of different types of disabilities also include brief definitions of these disabilities.

Finally, we've included a list of resources for faculty as well as an FAQ page, both of which we'll keep updated to reflect your questions and input.

faculty at commencementThe Office of Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) is an ally with faculty in working with students with disabilities, for we are both committed to providing a supportive and challenging environment for students with disabilities who attend the University. Moreover, it requires the cooperation of faculty, SSD, and the University to provide all students with disabilities a learning environment that affords them equal access and reasonable accommodation of their disabilities.

These pages were created as a resource for faculty and provide general information about teaching and accommodating students with disabilities. They address most of the questions that faculty present to us when working with students with disabilities:

Process for Determining a Student's Individualized Accommodations

Accommodations are determined on a case-by-case basis by considering the disability documentation provided by the student, the functional impact of the student's disability, and the essential requirements of the student's courses, programs, and activities. SSD works in conjunction with faculty to determine appropriate accommodations for students in their courses. Please contact SSD at 847-467-5530 or utilize the direct link to our office email address with specific disability- or accommodation-related questions.