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Student FAQ's


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My access when I login is not correct.

Please submit a help ticket to or call 847-491-HELP.

I can't login to ConnectNU.

Students must have an active NetID in order to access ConnectNU. Please submit a help ticket to or call 847-491-HELP.

The appointment I scheduled in ConnectNU is not synching with my calendar.

Please submit a help ticket to or call 847-491-HELP.

After how long will I be automatically logged out of ConnectNU?

 Users will be logged out after 120 minutes.

I am getting a spinning circle on the page, and no data is displaying. What should I do?

Please click the back button or the reload button on your screen. If the problem persists, contact or call 847-491-HELP.

Who has permission to view my information in ConnectNU?

Your assigned advisers can view your profile information, grades, and courses. No one can read messages you send to an adviser or view your calendar.

Where can I find my cumulative GPA?

ConnectNU does not display your cumulative GPA. Your cumulative GPA is available on your unofficial transcript in CAESAR. Instructions on how to run your unofficial transcript in CAESAR are available here.

Where can I see my assigned advisers?

You can view your assigned advisers on the My Success Network and also on the Dashboard when you login to ConnectNU.  You can check the ConnectNU Student Guide, and if you continue to have problems please submit a help ticket to or call 847-491-HELP.

How can I contact my advising office?

On your My Success Network go to Other Services and find your school’s advising office contact information.

How can I contact the Fellowships Office?

On your My Success Network go to Other Services and find the Office of Fellowships contact information.

I am a former student. How do I access ConnectNU?

ConnectNU is only available to students with active netIDs. If you are a former student who does not have a currently active netID, please reach out to the school/college you attended advising office.


How do I schedule an appointment with my adviser?

Use the ConnectNU Student Guide for steps to schedule an appointment with your adviser.

Which of my advisers can I schedule an appointment with in ConnectNU?

You can schedule an appointment with any advisers on your My Success Network who have the Schedule an Appointment link.  If you have an adviser in your My Success Network who does not have the link for scheduling an appointment, you can reach out to the adviser through the My Success Network page or their Advising Office, which can be found on your Dashboard under Other Services.

Can I access ConnectNU from my phone?

Yes, the system is optimized for mobile.

My adviser's name is selected but I don’t see any available appointments.

Advisers must create available appointments on their calendar in order for any appointments to be available for students. If you do not see any availability, you can send a message to your adviser through the Send an email function on their Profile page.

Some advising slots are showing as expired. What does that mean?

If an appointment is shown as expired, that means the scheduling deadline has passed. You may message your adviser to ask if it is possible to schedule an expired advising appointment slot for you.

I am no longer available for an advising appointment. Can I cancel my appointment?

Students can cancel appointments through their Upcoming page. Click the ellipsis (three dots) button in the bottom right corner of the appointment you need to cancel. You will be prompted to send a message to the adviser associated with the appointment. We recommend providing the adviser an explanation in that box before you confirm the cancellation.

I need to update the time/day of my appointment. How do I update this information?

Unfortunately, if you need to update the time or day of an appointment, you will need to cancel and reschedule the appointment. Your adviser has access to update the appointment time and date, so we recommend reaching out to them first.


How do I message my adviser in ConnectNU?

You can send a message your adviser through the Send an email function on their Profile page or by clicking their email address on your Dashboard page.

If I send a message to an adviser in ConnectNU where is it sent?

The message is sent to the adviser’s connected email account. The adviser can reply from their connected email address.

Can I reply from my email to ConnectNU messages?

No, student to adviser communication would go only through email.