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Navigating University Rules & Requirements

University-level policies, rules, and requirements relevant for Evanston-campus undergraduate students can be found in the Undergraduate Catalog and the Student Handbook, as well as on the websites of the Office of the Registrar, and Office of the Provost

University policies, rules, and requirements reflect institutional values and provide a framework that protects both the integrity of the academic experience and the rights of community members.  As a member of the undergraduate community at Northwestern, you have resources and responsibilities.  The advising community can help you stay informed and prepared to navigate both challenges and opportunities. 

Some rules and requirements apply to all Northwestern undergraduates, whereas others apply only to students in particular schools of the university or those pursuing particular majors, minors, or other credentials.  This section offers guidance on submitting a petition for consideration of an exception to four university-level enrollment-related policies. 

While undergraduates might describe an exception to an enrollment policy as an appeal, the official term is to submit a petition.  Students will want to review the Petition for Enrollment Exception guidelines and follow the instructions for the type of enrollment exception they are considering.