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For all COVID related questions please visit Northwestern's COVID-19 Campus Update site.

Dean of Students FAQs

How do I obtain proof of student status (for employment or insurance purposes)?

To verify certification, degree and enrollment visit the Office of the Registrar Academic Records webpage.

Off-Campus Life

I want to find a rental property, where can I find options?

The NU Off-Campus website lists rental properties currently available:

Click on the 'View Rental Listings'; then click 'I agree'. The next page will be the properties currently available (you should be looking at the “Property Listings” tab—at the top of the page).  

There is additional information about the property in each individual listing, as well as a googlemap for the property’s location.

This page is updated every weekday.

I want to sublet my apartment, where can I advertise this? Or can you help me find a sublet?

If you would like to post your sublet on our Off-Campus website, visit here.

Click on the 'Post a FREE sublet ad…'; then fill-out the specifics of your property. 

You then have the control to remove your listing when an agreement is reached with the person(s) who sublet. You may want to use the sample sublet agreement at the following page to help clarify your expectations of this sublet.


Can you help me find a NU student roommate?

Go to the Off-Campus website to start.

Click the third tab at the top of the next page is titled “Roommate Profiles”; then click 'I agree'...If there is someone on this site with whom you would like to roommate, simply send them some information about yourself from your email address.

If you would like to post your own “Roommate Profile”, simply return to the link above and then click on the link at the fourth diamond in the text titled, “Post a FREE sublet ad or ‘roommates needed’ profile” and complete the information.

I am new to Northwestern, what are the best ways to get around Evanston/Chicago?

The transportation site on the NU Off-Campus website lists information regarding transportation.


I have a rental property that I would like to advertise to students, where can I post this?

The NU Off-Campus website at which we direct landlords to list properties (and students to search for properties) is here.

If you click on the fifth ‘diamond’ within the text of that page “Landlords can post listings online”, you can submit a description of your property (or use the toll-free phone number).  This allows the landlord control of the information and posting of their property—which, in part, means that when the landlord has found a renter, they can then remove the property from the listings.

I am concerned about safety at NU, what are the campus resources?

The NU Off-Campus Life webpage lists safety resources and links as well as safety tips.


I would like some help with a legal question I have, what type of resources are available to NU students?