NU-SHIP Enrollment Confirmations & Waivers

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Login here to confirm or waive your NU-SHIP enrollment for 2018–2019!

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Click here to review Northwestern's comparable coverage requirements for alternate insurance plans.

What Do I Need to Know?

Unless you waive your NU-SHIP coverage during the open enrollment period, you will remain enrolled in the NU-SHIP for the entire (or applicable portion of the) academic year and you will be billed the NU-SHIP premium on your student account.

  • If you have alternate insurance, you must submit an application to waive NU-SHIP coverage each year.
  • Your dependents are not automatically enrolled in the NU-SHIP; you must add them to your coverage each year, before the deadline.

How Do I Confirm My NU-SHIP Coverage?

If you intend to use the NU-SHIP for your insurance coverage, please confirm your enrollment as soon as possible.

  • It takes approximately 5-7 business days after you confirm your NU-SHIP enrollment for your information to be processed in Aetna Student Health's system.
  • Once your data has been processed, you will receive an email from Aetna Student Health (ASH) confirming your enrollment. This email will contain a link to download your 2017-2018 NU-SHIP ID card, and set up an Aetna Navigator account.
  • You will need a current NU-SHIP ID card to fill prescriptions or receive medical care not covered by the Northwestern Health Service (NUHS).

How Do I Waive My NU-SHIP Coverage?

  • To waive the NU-SHIP, you must be covered under an alternate insurance plan that meets Northwestern's comparable coverage requirements.
  • To submit a waiver application, you will need to provide complete policy information (e.g., insurance company name, name of policy holder, policy and subscriber numbers, and U.S. telephone number, as well as information on the benefits provided by your plan). You will not be able to complete the waiver application without this information.