Confirming or Waiving Your NU-SHIP Enrollment

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Confirming NU-SHIP Enrollment

Although registered, degree-seeking students are defaulted into the NU-SHIP, your enrollment data is not forwarded to Aetna Student Health until you have confirmed your NU-SHIP enrollment. You are unable to utilize your NU-SHIP coverage and benefits until your enrollment data has been processed in Aetna's system.

If you fail to confirm or waive your NU-SHIP enrollment in CAESAR during the applicable open enrollment period, your enrollment data will be sent to Aetna Student Health immediately after the winter quarter deadline on 1/19/18.

  • We strongly encourage you to confirm your enrollment as soon as possible!
  • It takes ~5-7 business days from the time you confirm online in CAESAR for Aetna Student Health to process your enrollment
  • Until Aetna processes your data, their customer service team has no way to recognize you as an NU-SHIP enrollee
  • Consequently, it is important to confirm your enrollment ASAP to access your coverage and benefits

Please review our NU-SHIP confirmation video, for assistance completing your 2017-18 enrollment.

Waiving NU-SHIP Enrollment

  • To waive U-SHIP, you must affirm proof of alternate comparable coverage before the enrollment/waiver deadline.
  • You will need the following insurance information to submit your waiver application: policy-holder first and last name; relationship to insured student; subscriber/member ID number; insurance company name, state, and phone number; insurance type (e.g., HMO, PPO, etc.); plan deductible and annual out-of-pocket maximum costs; as well as information on the benefits provided by your plan.

For additional assistance, please review our brief (~6 min) video walking you through the process of submitting a waiver application in CAESAR.