Athletic Training

trainer helping a student with an injury rehab

We provide comprehensive athletic training services by certified athletic trainers. Services include injury assessments, triage, musculoskeletal rehabilitation, taping, and bracing. Contact us to book an appointment.

Athletic Training FAQs

What is an athletic trainer?

Certified athletic trainers are highly qualified health professionals who are trained in preventing, recognizing, managing, and rehabilitating musculoskeletal injuries. Athletic trainers collaborate with physicians to get you on the mend and keep you on the move. The athletic trainers at Northwestern University Health Service are certified by the athletic training Board of Certification ( and are members of the National Athletic Training Association ( And each hold varying additional specialty certifications.

Can I schedule an appointment with an athletic trainer?

Yes. Athletic trainers are available for injury assessments during regular Health Service hours.

Does the Health Service have physical therapy?

No. While our athletic trainers provide rehabilitation and home exercises for musculoskeletal injuries, we refer long-term or complex cases to physical therapy clinics. Our physicians are happy to see patients who are in need of a physical therapy referral.

Is there a cost to see an athletic trainer?

No. Eligible students can see an athletic trainer without charge. There may be charges for other related services.