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Supporting Staff from Marginalized Communities

Our Commitment:

We commit to hiring, advancing and supporting staff from marginalized communities. We will establish an institutional policy requirement for diversified candidate slates for every staff position, including searches conducted externally. We will establish an inclusivity consultation team of administrators and faculty. Before the end of 2020, we will publicize the standards and methods by which we determine compensation for staff and faculty. We will also publish annually a workforce diversity and social impact report beginning in August 2021.

Spring Quarter 2021 Update

The University recently announced its commitment to advance diversity and equity through staff hiring practices as a component of broader social justice initiatives. The diverse candidate slates policy went live June 14. Training on the policy is required for all managers and individuals who partake in hiring processes and is available on MyHR Learn for all staff and faculty.

Additionally, a new range of family support options available to members of the Northwestern community aims to expand adoption support and improve dependent care options.

Northwestern’s Office for Human Resources (NUHR) recently announced changes to the adoption reimbursement program, which helps eligible faculty and staff recuperate some of the costs of adoption. In addition, NUHR extended the Temporary COVID-19 Caregiving Grant program and launched a new website that allows University community members to sign up to provide or hire childcare help and other services from Northwestern students.

May 2021 Update

In May, we announced an important piece of that pledge – a new university-wide policy on diverse candidate slates (DCS) for staff that will go into effect June 14. Some academic units may have an implementation timeline into the summer/fall and will communicate their plans to their respective communities in the coming days.

This policy strengthens our practice of identifying the best person for a job or promotion. Formalizing and standardizing strategies already being utilized by many across the University to create more diverse candidate pools makes it more likely that we will identify the best talent for our organization. To learn more about the policy read the announcement on Leadership Notes.

Winter Quarter 2021 Update

In December, we announced a community review process for a Diverse Candidates Slate policy for staff positions. A profusion of constructive feedback to the policy was received from individual staff, faculty and students. We also received collective feedback through 10 departmental and committee submissions. After careful consideration of the responses, the Office of Human Resources will begin rolling out targeted communications and implementing training on the new policy in May, with an expectation that the policy will become effective in June 2021.

January 2021 Update

The DiverseCandidate Slates policy draft and supplemental FAQs has been posted for a 45-day community review period in the Under Review section of the University Policies webpage. A NetID and password are required to access policies under review.

Please email your comments on the policy draft, and any questions you may have, to by March 7, 2021. Your comments will be shared with the Policy Review Committee and policy sponsor and will inform next steps in the development of this policy.

Fall Quarter 2020 Update

Caregiving Support During Winter Quarter and FY21

Caregiving has been identified by faculty, staff, postdocs and students as one of the most pressing challenges of the pandemic, especially for women and primary caretakers.

The Office of Human Resources, along with a cross-functional team from the Office of the SVP and the Office of the Provost, are actively analyzing and benchmarking alternatives to offer greater flexibility in the delivery of caregiving support to help full-time benefits-eligible faculty and staff offset some costs of caregiving for their dependent child(ren) and/or adult/senior dependents during Winter Quarters and through the reminder of FY21. HR has established a new Dependent Care Specialist position (recruitment is in progress) to ensure appropriate focus is devoted to this area of increasing need for our staff and faculty.

Diverse Candidates Slates Policy Proposal

We committed in June to establishing an institutional policy regarding diversified candidate slates. A draft Diverse Candidate Slates Policy was submitted to the Policy Review Committee in late summer.

Given the importance of this policy, the next step will be a community-wide review. This process will allow all our community members to comment on the proposed policy and offer suggestions, which will inform additional updates before implementation. We look forward to hearing your feedback on this critical initiative.