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New Employee Onboarding

In partnership with NU-Q Human Resources, the QSO assists new faculty and staff with several steps of the onboarding process, including academic credential legalization, FBI background clearance, and relocation.

NU-Q complies with the State of Qatar’s employment eligibility criteria. NU-Q faculty and staff must present a legalized academic credential and FBI background clearance in order to qualify for residency and University service in Qatar. An entry visa will not be issued in the absence of these required documents. Document legalization processes takes considerable time to complete, and new employees are responsible for many action steps.

Academic credential legalization

All expatriate faculty and staff who completed their degree in the United States must have their degree legalized by the U.S. Department of State and the Qatar Embassy or one of the Qatar Consulates (locations in Houston, Los Angeles and New York). The location of the institution from which the new hire received his or her highest degree determines the Embassy or Consular jurisdiction. NU-Q’s guidance to new hires is based upon the prevailing requirements in the relevant jurisdiction. Each location maintains different criteria for legalizing degrees conferred in the United States. 

The QSO contracts with a consular services firm to ensure proper and expedient handling of  documents throughout the legalizing process. Transactions necessary to legalize an academic credential for use in Qatar typically take at least four weeks. The QSO recommends starting the degree legalization process immediately after a faculty or staff member has accepted NU-Q’s offer of employment. Spouses of NU-Q new hires who wish to seek employment in Qatar may also complete the degree legalization process with QSO assistance.   

Faculty and staff who completed their degree in a country other than the United States will undergo a different legalization process.

For guidance on the legalization process specific to your degree, please contact the QSO.

FBI background check

The State of Qatar requires that new NU-Q hires (and all adult family members) undergo a criminal background check administered by their country of origin. U.S. Passport holders can meet this requirement by completing the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Identification Record Request.

In order to satisfy the FBI clearance, new hires and adult family members must undergo fingerprinting, which can typically be done at a local police station for a nominal fee. The fee is reimbursable by NU-Q. For those located near Evanston, IL, the Northwestern University Police Department will provide complimentary fingerprinting services.

The QSO uses an FBI-approved service to expedite the background check process. The process can take up to three weeks. New hires are strongly encouraged to begin this process upon accepting an offer of employment with NU-Q.

To obtain the relevant fingerprinting documents, please contact the QSO.

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