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NU-Q offers qualifying expatriate faculty and staff an air freight allowance to apply to household expatriation or repatriation moves facilitated by NU-Q’s international freight forwarder. The allowance is stated in pounds (lbs) and it subject to volume limits as articulated by the freight forwarding company with which NU-Q contracts. The weight and volume allowance is not intended to accommodate vehicles, furniture, televisions, and other large household items.

The Qatar Support Office (QSO) connects new hires to NU-Q’s international shipping vendor. The vendor works directly with the employee to arrange for completion of required paperwork, packing, shipping via air freight, and delivery.

Household shipments should be initiated at least several weeks in advance of the employee’s relocation. Under normal circumstances, shipment of household effects from the U.S. to Qatar takes at least three weeks.

Expatriate staff and faculty are provided an excess baggage allowance in addition to their household allotment as outlined in their contract. It is recommended that relocating staff and faculty carry in their luggage any items that will be needed immediately upon arriving in Qatar.

Please contact the QSO to begin the household relocation process.

Relocation travel

The QSO books all relocation travel originating in the United States.  Based upon the employee’s start date as outlined in the NU-Q contract, the QSO will work with new staff and faculty (and any family members) and the hiring department to determine the preferred relocation date. The QSO will propose a one-way relocation itinerary for the employee’s review and approval. The new staff or faculty member should notify the QSO of any special considerations relating to relocation travel (e.g. relocating pets, alternate departure city).

NU-Q Human Resources will obtain a permanent entry visa on behalf of the new hire and his or her family members upon completion of the academic credential legalization and FBI clearance. (See above)

Throughout the onboarding process, the QSO serves as a resource for faculty and staff. Please feel free to contact the QSO as questions arise throughout this process.