Summer Checklist for Incoming Students

Summer task items (including everything below) will be launched for the Class of 2023 on May 7, 2019. Below items are for reference until then.

You have a list of tasks to complete over the summer! To help you stay organized and on track, we have 3 different ways to keep up with your summer checklist. 

Prefer paper? You received Purple Prep in the mail in mid-May. This book provides you with all of the info and action items you need for the summer in a single place. You can find the book's digital copy on our summer publications page if you want to take a look, or wish to print off the checklist pages of the book (pages 2-3 + the list on your academic school page).  

Prefer digital? Purple Prep Checklist is the online way to manage the task items you see in Purple Prep, but will only display the tasks relevant to you! You can also sign up for weekly text reminders, if you wish. Learn more below. 

Updates to Purple Prep or Purple Prep Checklist? The March to the Arch emails are sent the first Tuesday of each month from May through September to bring you timely, need-to-know updates along with supplemental information. This email will be important to review as soon as it is delivered as it is the main way Northwestern will communicate with you over the summer. Find the archive of emails on our summer publications page.


Purple Prep Checklist

Purple Prep Checklist is the perfect way to manage your tasks from any computer or mobile device. The only tasks this list will not include over the summer are any specific financial aid tasks you must complete, which are listed on your CAESAR account. 

Access Your Personal Checklist

Log into Purple Prep Checklist (coming May 2019) using your NetID and password. The first time you log in, you will be asked a few questions to help better personalize and populate your summer checklist. 

Add to Home Screen on Mobile

if you're accessing Purple Prep Checklist from your mobile device, once you are logged in and on the checklist page (with the progress wheel), add the site to your home screen for quicker access over the summer. 

  • iOS: Tap the "Share" icon at the bottom middle, and select "Add to Home Screen" on the bottom row
  • Android: Tap the menu button and select "Add to homescreen."

Manage Your Checklist

You will be responsible for managing your checklist throughout the summer; this list does not verify if you have actually completed that item. There are 2 items that will automatically be checked for you once Northwestern has received that information: the completion of your housing contract (by June 1) and submitting your high school transcript (this may not be verified by Northwestern until after the August 1 deadline). 

Click on a task to view detailed information about the task (the same info you see in Purple Prep) along with a link to completing that task and contact information if you have questions about completion. 

Weekly Text Reminders

You can select to receive weekly text reminders; you can do this by selecting it on the entry screen with questions when you log in for the first time, or by visiting your profile within the checklist at any time during the summer. 

If you opt in, you will receive a text each Sundays notifying you of any unchecked items you have with due dates coming up that week (through the following Sunday). If you have completed all tasks for the upcoming week, you will receive no text message. 

Get to 100%

As you work through your tasks over the summer, you'll notice your progress wheel will slowly start to fill in. Get to 100% by the time you arrive for Wildcat Welcome in September and Purple Prep Checklist will help you celebrate!