Find your True Northwestern

Starting to find what is true and right for you is what your first year at Northwestern is all about. True Northwestern is a guided roadmap of your first year that integrates academic, social, and community experiences with your own set of unique talents and aspirations. Use the booklet and its four pillars to assist in your journey as you find your True Northwestern.

View the True Northwestern online booklet


When do first-year students learn about this?

First years learn about True Northwestern during Wildcat Welcome, followed by the participation in the True Northwestern Dialogue Series. The Peer Adviser will discuss how True Northwestern can impact and guide their first year and what it all actually means from the student perspective. 

Why do we have True Northwestern?

True Northwestern provides suggestions on how to move through their first year in a way that will help to set-up their entire tenure. It helps students cut through confusion and noise while aiding students in seeking an optimal learning experience. Each journey and path should be unique; use True Northwestern to create a path that is authentic to you.

True Northwestern Dialogue (TND) Series

The True Northwestern Dialogue (TND) Series begins over the summer and runs throughout the first year. The series is comprised of 12 programs that are directly connected to what you see in True Northwestern, topics that will guide you to better understanding yourself, this community, and how to seek help.