Family Publications

Northwestern Family Members at Tailgate

Our office is passionate about keeping our family members informed about what is happening on campus.  We have a variety of methods to ensure you receive useful information.  Below you will find publications for family members in the Northwestern community including Prep Plus, the Parent and Family Guide and Wildcat Family Focus. These publications, as well as other important messages, are delivered to Northwestern families via the parent and family e-mail list.

Wildcat Family Focus Quarterly Newsletter

Wildcat Family Focus is a quarterly publication published for the parents and families of all Northwestern undergraduate students. The publication is currently being reimagined and the next issue will be available this spring.

Northwestern Parent and Family Guide

Our Parent and Family Guide provides important resources available to support our Northwestern family members.  The 2019 Parent and Family Guide will be available by May 1.  In the meantime, you can check out the 2018 guide below:

For Families of New Students

Prep Plus

Prep Plus is a booklet specifically made for families of incoming undergraduate students; the booklet serves as a compliment to the student's Purple Prep, mailed in the same packet in mid-May and will be available online as well. Prep Plus includes a brief overview of your student's summer tasks, some information on navigating the college transition and other helpful information to assist with your transition to Northwestern. Please make sure your student gives you your copy of Prep Plus as soon as they receive their Purple Prep.

Parent and Family Webinar

New Student and Family Programs will host a webinar for new families on Sunday, June 9 from 4:00-5:00pm CST.  More details about the webinar will be posted by May 1.