Tenant Responsibilities

evanston residential neighborhood

  • Keep a copy of your lease along with cancelled rent checks, receipts, and any correspondence with your landlord.
  • Throw out the trash in a reasonable and safe manner.
  • Use all fixtures (such as lights and ceiling fans) and appliances in a responsible and safe manner.
  • Do not damage the apartment.
  • Do not disturb your neighbors.
  • Make sure you and all of your guests act appropriately.
  • Obey all the lawful provisions of your lease.
  • Do not engage in illegal activity on the premises as this allows the landlord to terminate your lease and you could face legal consequences as well.

Maintain Your Home & Community

  • Keep your yard tidy, don’t let garbage pile up and keep your sidewalk, curb, and gutters clean. In addition to being a responsible neighbor, you will avoid a city fine by abiding by local ordinances.
  • Check your lease to figure out who is responsible for what. Some of these tasks may be your responsibility while others may be your landlord’s.
  • Use recycling and trash bins appropriately and keep lids on.
  • Clear snow from the sidewalk and work with your landlord to provide de-icing salt if needed.
  • Maintain the inside of your residence too. You will save money by avoiding potential charges for damages or cleaning when moving out.

More Information

For more information about tenant rights, refer to the Evanston Residential Landlord and Tenant Ordinance.

Chicago residents should see the Chicago Residential Landlord and Tenant Ordinance.