City of Evanston Services

Off-Campus Parking Permits and Street Cleaning

Avoid Tickets or Towing!!! Here are some preventative resources:

  • Residential Parking Permits from the City of Evanston - Residential parking permits are available for high-demand, on-street parking areas throughout Evanston (you can also purchase 1-day passes for friends/guests). You must reside within one of these specific areas in order to purchase a permit exempting you from certain posted regulations. Only residents living within these designated areas can obtain a residential parking permit.
  • Residents must also pay an Evanston Wheel Tax if their vehicle is registered to an address in the City of Evanston through the Illinois Secretary of State (City Code 10-8-1). To renew your annual wheel tax payment, or if you're registering a vehicle for the first time, you can pay online here
  • Sign up for Text Messages Regarding Street Cleaning from the City of Evanston.
  • Street Cleaning Information from the City of Evanston - Street cleaning in the City of Evanston is conducted from March 1 to December 15 to eliminate litter, debris, and leaves from the streets. Be sure to check out the map and schedule to avoid having your vehicle ticketed/towed on street cleaning days.

Snow Removal

  • When winter approaches, be sure to consult the snow parking regulations for the City of Evanston. Cars left on the street during certain times and snow emergencies are subject to tickets and removal.
  • If there is a snow emergency, sirens will sound at 8:15pm and the parking ban will begin at 11pm.
  • You can always check the City of Evanston website to see if there is a snow emergency.
  • To receive email updates on Snow Emergencies/Parking Bans, sign up for the City of Evanston newsletter.
  • You can also sign up for text message notifications on the day of a Snow Emergency/Parking Ban by texting COE SNOW to 468311.

Garbage Collection and Recycling

  • Excess garbage on residential property is an ordinance violation, so make sure your trash gets picked up properly. Visit the City of Evanston's refuse collection page for information on trash pick-up days/times and guidelines for proper refuse disposal.
  • For the removal of large quantities of trash, or items such as large pieces of furniture, the City requires a special pick-up and charges a fee of $25 for the first three cubic yards of refuse. Call Streets and Sanitation at 311 (or 847-448-4311) within 48 hours of the intended special pick-up date.
  • The City of Evanston collects recycling for single-family homes and properties with 4 units or fewer. The City contracts with an outside hauler to service buildings with more than 4 units. Students who live in large apartment buildings should inquire about recycling bin location and collection frequency prior to signing a lease. Northwestern's Office of Sustainability (SustainNU) provides information about off-campus recycling resources in both Evanston and Chicago.