How To Move Out

Download the "How to Move Out" PDF

Moving Out

  • Check the terms of your lease, when do you need to notify your landlord that you are not renewing your lease (30 days’ notice, 60 days’ notice)?

The Final Stretch

  • Inform your landlord of when you will be moving out so that you can return your keys
  • Set up a time to inspect the residence along with your landlord to determine the condition of the apartment/house
  • Update your new address in CAESAR
  • Ask your landlord if you can be introduced to the next tenants in case there are any items of furniture that they might want to buy from you!

Cleaning Up

Many landlords will charge if the apartment is not left clean for the next tenants. We suggest that you:

  • Take all of your belongings, and all trash/items with you
  • Wash all counters and stove top
  • Sweep and mop floors
  • Wipe down the shower, toilet, sinks and all other surfaces
  • Take pictures of your clean space and email them to your landlord

Other Things to Consider

  • Know your move-out date (usually the day your lease ends)
  • Leave a few days for packing and cleaning
  • Decide what you will keep and bring to your next place and what can be sold or given away
  • Take photos of unwanted furniture to post on ‘Free and For Sale’ or other online buy/sell forums.
  • Donate unwanted nonperishable food items, clothing, sheets, and small household items via the Take it or Leave it Program. Boxes will be placed in the lobby/entry of each residential building to collect these items.
  • Talk with your roommates to figure out who gets to keep any shared items
  • How will you move your stuff to your new place?
  • Measure what you are keeping! This will help to give you a sense of how large of a vehicle you will need to move everything.
  • Call up friends and/or hire some movers (or hey, hire your friends!)
  • Rent a van or moving truck (if needed)