How to Move Off Campus

Think About Your Budget

Download the How To Move Off Campus PDF here

  • Rent and deposit amount
  • Cost of monthly utilities
  • Can you afford to furnish it?
  • How do you plan to eat?
  • How do you plan to divide rent?

Location, Location, Location

  • How far from campus you want to live?
  • Do not forget about rain, snow, & heat
  • Identify the area of the neighborhood you want to live in
  • Think about safety
  • Consider where the nearest transit stop, bicycle storage, grocery store, ATM, gas station, parking, doctor, police/fire station, and laundromat is located. 

Find Your Perfect Place

  • Visit for listings
  • Look for "for rent" signs and postings on campus and around Evanston
  • Attend the ASG Fall and Winter Housing Fairs at Norris

Ask the Landlord

  • Is there parking?
  • Which utilities are included in the rent?
  • Who are the neighbors?
  • Will your landlord take care of repairs and maintenance promptly?

Understand Your Lease

  • Is it a “tenant-at-will” lease, which permits both you and the landlord to terminate the lease with 30 days’ notice?
  • Is it an individual or a joint lease? If your roommates fail to pay, are you responsible?

Inspect the Residence

  • Walk through the property before signing
  • Record property conditions in the Property Checklist available on our website
  • Take and e-mail pictures to the landlord to avoid unnecessary costs when moving out

Stay Involved