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POP Facilitator Applicants

What is POP?

"POP" is short for "Pre-Orientation Programs. Pre-Orientation Programs immediately precede Wildcat Welcome and serve as an additional opportunity for new students to build relationships with their peers and connect with an upperclass mentor. Three pre-orientation programs are in the Office of New Student and Family Programs: Alternative Student Breaks - POP, CATalyst, and the Chicago Undergraduate Program. Each program is unique in the experiential educational opportunities that they provide new students, but all of the programs have the core purpose of assisting new students in their transition to Northwestern. You can learn more about each program below. 

Alternative Student Breaks - POP

Alternative Student Breaks Pre-Orientation Program Trips take place in three different cities across the Midwest. New students spend a week working with nonprofit organizations, getting hands on service-learning experience, and learning about communities from the people who live there. Student leaders who facilitate activities and discussions, known as Facilitators, are responsible for helping to execute the trip, managing risk and safety, and building relationships with new students. 


CATalyst is a five-day long pre-orientation program at a camp in Illinois. During the trip, participants engage in small and large group activities that facilitate vulnerability, personal reflection, and connection with other participants and facilitators. The participants will gain necessary skills to be successful at Northwestern while gaining a supportive community. As a part of CATalyst, participants do a low ropes course, climbing wall, and zipline to foster teamwork and communication. All activities are challenge by choice, encouraging the participants to get out of their comfort zone and try new things.

Chicago Undergraduate Program 

The Chicago Undergraduate Program is a six-day long program that challenges new Wildcats to discover the story of Chicago through a week of service, neighborhood visits, and group discussions. Participants are able to understand the city and meet the people who make the city thrive.

What is a POP Facilitator?

There are three pre-orientation programs that function within the Office of New Student and Family Programs. Students who serve as a POP Facilitator will serve with just one of these three programs.

POP facilitators will be responsible for facilitating small group discussions, leading activities, and engaging new students in the development of new friendships. The priority of POP facilitators is to ensure the safety and positive experience of new students.

POP Facilitators' responsibilities include:

Please make sure you read the Time Commitments for POP Facilitators (fix link) to fully ensure you understand the requirements prior to applying. 

Characteristics found in successful POP Facilitators