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What is a CATalyst Facilitator?

CATalyst is a five-day long pre-orientation program at a camp in Illinois. During the trip, participants engage in small and large group activities that facilitate vulnerability, personal reflection, and connection with other participants and facilitators. The participants will gain necessary skills to be successful at Northwestern while gaining a supportive community. As a part of CATalyst, participants do a high ropes course to foster teamwork and communication. All activities are challenge by choice, encouraging the participants to get out of their comfort zone and try new things.

CATalyst Facilitators will be responsible for facilitating small group discussions, leading activities, and engaging new students in the development of new friendships. The priority of facilitators is to ensure the safety and positive experience of new students.

CATalyst POP Facilitators' responsibilities include:

Please make sure you read the Important Dates for CATalyst Facilitators  to fully ensure you understand the requirements prior to applying. 

Characteristics Found in Successful CATalyst Facilitators