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The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors for New Student and Family Programs is a high-level leadership role integral to the planning, coordination, and execution of the programs and activities associated with major new student and family programs at Northwestern University. The Board is comprised of ten members who work closely with the New Student and Family Programs professional staff.  Duties and responsibilities of Board members will serve to create a welcoming community for new students, an ease of transition to the University, programs from family members, and an unmatched leadership experience for 200 Peer Advisers. Board members have served at least one year as a Peer Adviser.

Meet the Board of Directors here.

Peer Advisers

Our Peer Advisers are instrumental in welcoming new students to the Northwestern community.  Each Peer Adviser has a group of new students (their PA group) that they specifically work to mentor through Wildcat Welcome and the first year.  Through a variety of activities and conversations, Peer Advisers assist their students in becoming comfortable and confident in their new home here at Northwestern.  Peer Advisers assist in helping students navigate the physical campus as well as learn how the campus operates. Peer Advisers help our new students recognize and understand resources available on campus to aid in their transition while sharing expectations we have of our community members.  In addition, they are pretty much the most fun, engaged, and welcoming people you'll find.  Their passion for Northwestern is unmatched.  

Pre-Orientation Program Leadership Team

The POP Leadership Team works closely with New Student and Family Programs professional staff to discuss and decide broader goals and directions for pre-orientation programs.  In addition, students also have working roles directly related to the specific pre-orientation program they are involved in. Students on the POP Leadership Team create spaces for new students to connect with their peers, build relationships with upper class mentors, and lead their peers to build robust and engaging programs for new students.

Meet the POP Leadership Team here.

Pre-Orientation Program Facilitators

POP Facilitators serve as mentors and role models to new students by encouraging them to build relationships with their peers and engage in conversations and activities that support their transition to the Wildcat community. There are three unique programs that POP Facilitators specifically work with that provide new students with an opportunity to become prepared for Wildcat Welcome and their first-year at Northwestern: Alternative Student Break - POP, CATalyst, and the Chicago Undergraduate Program. Each POP Facilitator is passionate about the specific program they work with and prepares throughout the year to be able to facilitate meaningful conversations and create impactful relationships with each of the new students they work with.  

Learn more about the POP Facilitator student leader position here.

Family Coordinators

The Family Coordinators are two student leaders who work closely with the New Student and Family Programs professional staff. Family Coordinators are dedicated to selecting, training and mentoring the Family Ambassadors as well as guiding parents and families through Parent and Family Orientation and Family Weekend. Family Coordinators have served at least one year as a Family Ambassador. 

Meet the Family Coordinators here.

Family Ambassadors

Family Ambassadors assist with the execution of Parent and Family Orientation during Wildcat Welcome and will interact with family members throughout the program to ensure all questions are answered and needs are met. They are a dedicated group of students who make sure all of our families feel comfortable as they leave their students to start their experience here at Northwestern.

In addition, Family Ambassadors serve as guides and resources for parents and families during Family Weekend each fall. Look for Family Ambassadors if you have questions, need advice, or want to hear a genuine student perspective.

Learn more about the Family Ambassadors here.